Sun protection

What SPF mean? which UV rays are harmful?Which Organic Series products do we recommend for protection and how do they differ?


Why SPF protection is so important ?

The topic of sun protection for each of us should be one of the most important if we are talking about proper care of our skin. Why? Because during sun exposure, even if we do not tan deliberately, apart from supplementing our body with Vitamin D3 or getting a beautiful tan, we can gain: unwanted skin redness, burns of various degrees, sun discoloration, and even a life-threatening melanoma – skin cancer. Without proper sun protection we expose our skin, so it is so important to use products with filters.

Radiation is divided into UVA and UVB

UVA = permanent exposure
UVB = reddened skin

chemical filters vs. mineral filters

As an organic brand for Organic Series products, we have chosen natural mineral filters for a number of benefits

Mineral (physical) filters - these are compounds in which the particles are so large that they do not have the ability to penetrate deep into the epidermis, unlike chemical filters. Using a product with a physical filter on the surface of the skin creates an impermeable protective film. This is a layer, invisible to the eye, which prevents UV radiation from penetrating into the skin. The product applied to the skin acts as a shield - it reflects and/or disperses radiation, hence the name of physical filters. Their protective effect is not associated with chemical reactions but with the physical process of light reflection.

The group of mineral filters includes two compounds:
Titanium dioxide (Titanium Dioxide), zinc oxide (Zinc Oxide)

Both are considered to be wide-spectrum filters, i.e. protecting against both UVA and UVB radiation

Protective creams based on physical filters have a number of advantages. Unlike chemical filters, they are very often recommended in case of skin hypersensitivity or tendencies to skin allergies. Therefore, products containing mineral filters are recommended even for the most sensitive skins, for allergy sufferers and for children.

More permanent protection

Mineral filters are stable, i.e. they do not lose their properties over time. In practice, this means that under ideal conditions, e.g. when the product has not been rubbed off or washed away from the skin surface, there is no need to reapply the product. Of course, it is safest to apply mineral filter cream every 2 hours. Especially when we are most exposed to sunlight, when our skin is sweating or when we are just on the beach and feel like swimming in the sea.

Environmentally friendly

It turns out that some chemical filters lead to the extinction of coral reefs. They impede the breeding capacity of the insects and also have a negative impact on fish and plankton. A small concentration of a given filter in water is enough to cause damage. Some filters are also guilty of water oxidation, which interferes with the proper development of mussels. Therefore, chemical filters can be considered potentially dangerous and of course have many advantages. However, in this case mineral filters are much safer for our environment.

What's worth remembering?

Discover Organic Series products with UV protection

In addition to adequate sun protection, Organic Series products have a high content of active ingredients. Your skin will be moisturized, soothed, regenerated, protected from external factors, and from excessive dryness. Sun protection is the best anti-wrinkle prevention you can give your skin.


SPF 20 protection
Emulsion - creamy consistency
Mineral filter:

Zinc oxide

other active ingredients:

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Baikal Thyroid, Rose - hydrolat, Algomega® NP

SPF 43 protection
Emulsion - dense, creamy texture
mineral filter:

Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide

other active ingredients:

Tripelargonin, Galactorabinan, Babassu oil, Trehalose, Baikal thyroid extract, Vitamin E

Face and body care
SPF 25 protection
Oil in gel with sparkling golden particles
mineral filter:

Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide

other active ingredients:

Sesame oil, Rice bran oil  Vegetable oil, Carrot root oil, Chia seed oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower seed oil, Rosemary extract 

You want to know more about proper skincare?

See our “ABC of care”, where you will learn key information about the various stages and a diagram of daily skincare. How to take care of your skin in the morning and how to use the products in the evening and in what order to make them work as effectively as possible.

For a good start!

"Sun care ABC" set

We have prepared an ABC set for people who want to combine care with SPF protection on a daily basis. You will find there 3 basic products: makeup remover gel (which also works as a gentle cleansing gel), tonic and moisturizing cream with a natural SPF 20 filter. Remember, however, to reach for a cream with high protection during high exposure to the sun.

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