Benefits of Organic Face Cream

Using an organic face creams and moisturisers is the main step in every skincare routine to help moisturise the skin and slow down the skin aging processes.

Even the most basic moisturiser with no special active ingredients is able to help your skin in restoring the hydrolipid balance and locking in the moisture.

However, scientists have been working for ages now on developing the most sublime and effective active ingredients that can visibly improve the skin’s wellbeing and effectively prevent premature skin aging.

The advantages of using an Organic Face Cream

Using organic face creams over regular face creams is not only much better for the environment, it’s also more beneficial for your skin.

With Organic Series face creams you can be sure that they’ve been designed and developed by top-notch specialists to match the needs of even the most demanding dermatologists and cosmetologists.

Nonorganic face creams often contain synthetic ingredients that don’t benefit your skin health. While they might give you an initial wow feeling of very smooth skin surface – it’s all superficial, it’s most often just a silicone layer on your skin.

Meanwhile, professional organic face creams penetrate the skin layers and actually work to restore your skin health and glow from the inside.

Using organic face creams is taking the best care of your body – inside and out, not just on the surface.

The Best Ways to Use an Organic Face Creams

As you know, a face cream is the main step of every skincare routine, but what about the other steps? How to design your own perfect skincare routine to match all your skin needs? How to design a skincare routine that will make your skin look super healthy, glowing and radiant?


Ultimate Guide to Use an Organic Face Cream


Before using any serums and creams, it’s absolutely crucial to properly cleanse the skin and prepare it for the optimal absorption of active ingredients. That’s the job for our Optimal Facial Cleanser, Optimal Cleansing Gel and the Micellar Cleansing Water.

For the best results, especially for problematic skin, do a double cleanse – just repeat the cleansing twice to make sure you remove all the impurities and residues.

micellar cleansing water

2-Tone it up

Introducing a facial toner might be especially helpful for acne problems and oily skin, our Oil-Control Toner and Enzymatic AHA Toner are real life-savers for people battling shiny skin, acne, blemishes and enlarged pores.

Additionally, toners will balance the skin pH and further prepare the skin for the upcoming skincare routine steps.

enzymatic aha toner by organic series

3-Face Serum

And the truth is, face serums are the perfect way to add an extra boost of active ingredients to your skin. Additionally, serums also provide an extra layer of moisture to your skin, therefore providing you with the perfect healthy glow!

However remember that serums are not enough – you absolutely need to use a face cream to lock in the serum moisture because otherwise it will just evaporate from the skin and we wouldn’t want that, would we? Organic Series provides a variety of different serums to match different skin needs – oiliness, acne, wrinkles, dull skin?

organic vitamin c serum by organic series


Ah the luxury! For an extra luxury touch with enhanced beauty properties, add a few sprays of the Micronized Silver or Gold Booster. The boosters are designed to work synergistically with the serum to maximise the active ingredients penetration capabilities and strengthen the skin.

Don’t forget, more moisture, because that’s what our skin desperately needs to stay young and beautiful for a long time.

Micronized Booster GOLD face mist by organic series

5-Main Step

And now, the Organic Face Cream! It’s the time to lock in all the moisture and previous ingredients with a face cream. The unique, lamellar structure of our forte creams imitates the structure of the skin, and the innovative formula of hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans ensures intensive penetration of the active ingredients.

This makes our forte creams extermely lightweight, perfectly absorbable and nourishing for the skin. At Organic Series, we understand all the different skin issues that you battle everyday, so in our extensive range of face creams you will find the perfect option for your specific needs.

brightening cream forte by organic series

6-Sun Screen

Just when you think it’s over, it’s not! A face cream is not enough. For a perfect, fool-proof skincare routine you need to finish off with a sunscreen, the ultimate anti-aging product. Luckily, here at Organic Series we have a wonderful series of sun protection SPF sunscreens, one with a lower protection [hyperlink for the spf20] for cloudy days and one with high protection [hyperlink for the spf50] for sunny days.

Both products are perfectly moisturising and provide you with a wonderful healthy glow. Also, remember to reapply the sunscreen throughout the day for constant protection and maximised anti-aging effects.

face moisturiser with sunscreen spf20 moisturising spf20 cream by organic series

At what age should you start using organic face cream and why?

It is never to early to start using an organic face cream but it is important to know how to choose the right face cream for a specific age. Very young skin doesn’t need much so it’s best to avoid excessive active ingredients and just use a simple moisturiser, like the Organic Series Moisturising Cream Forte.

For teenagers battling acne, it’s beneficial to introduce a face cream targeting acne and oiliness, like the Organic Series Acne Control Cream or the Oil Control Cream, they include useful antibacterial, mattifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients and provide necessary hydration to the skin. At 20 and over it’s okay to start introducing additional ingredients, like vitamins (in the Organic Series Vitamin C Face Cream).

Around 25 or 30 (depending on personal genetical predispositions) it might be worthwhile to add some more active ingredients to your skincare routine to target any issues, like the Anti-redness Face Cream, the Brightening Face Cream or the Lactobionic Face Cream.

With age, our skin starts to need more and more hydration and active ingredients to keep it in good shape and this is the time to introduce the Anti-Aging Face Cream, the Nourishing Cream Concentrate or the Hydro-Control Lipo Cream into your skincare routine.

Needless to say, sunscreen and SPF face creams are crucial at all ages and it’s never too early (or too late) to start using them. 

Organic Face Product By Organic Series

Patrycja Gawlik

Patrycja Gawlik

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