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ORGANIC SERIES dermocosmetics are available everyday in premium beauty salons as well as at home for anyone who wants proven, safe and sustainable skincare.

We combine the latest technological advancements with powerful natural ingredients. This allows us to create a range of natural and scientifically proven dermocosmetics.

We designed our highly effective vegan friendly beauty products to be kind to the skin while preserving our core values and protecting the environment.

In a time of increasing self awareness, we are proud to offer products inspired by Mother Nature and advanced by science.

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Vegan friendly

We do not test our cosmetics on animals. We believe in creating beauty without cruelty to animals. By avoiding the use of animal derived products wherever possible we maintain the highest level of industry standards.

Only 5 of the 76 Organic Series products are not entirely vegan. These contain some animal-derived ingredients present like lactobionic acid and beeswax.

All natural formula

Organic components make up over 98% of the active ingredients in Organic Series products. Free from harmful parabens, artificial colours, perfumes, mineral oils, PEGs, and paraffin. Furthermore, there are no GMOs, synthetic silicone oils, or skin-irritating additives in any of our products.

Laboratory tests

Independent laboratory tests have been carried out on our products. This mark confirms that clinical trials have been concluded on the items’ efficacy. Therefore, you can expect outstanding results! We work hard to guarantee the validation of all the products tested as quickly as possible.

Airless system

Our products use Airless vacuum technology, which is CFC-free and environmentally friendly. In addition, our Airless delivery technology protects our components from oxidation and chemical reactions that are hazardous to them. This way we have reduced the number of superfluous chemicals to a bare minimum. Therefore, we keep our ingredients sealed and fresh with no waste.

The lamellar structure of forte creams

The novel composition allows extensive penetration of active substances. The distinctive, lamellar structure mimics the structure of the skin. As a result, forte creams are light, easily absorbed, and they perfectly nourish the skin.

High concentration of active ingredients

In one Organic Series cream, you’ll discover up to 17 active ingredients! The ingredients have been chosen in such a manner that the different components interact with one another to provide long-term results. Moreover, the proportion of active substances ranges from 35 to 68 percent, so you can be confident that using products with this logo will yield excellent results.

Green packaging

We are always thinking of new innovative ways of improving our production process to ensure that our actions are ecologically friendly. Therefore we employ a variety of inventive solutions. Firstly, our packaging is made from recycled sources; it does not contain BPA; the energy required for their manufacture comes from renewable sources; and carbon dioxide is absorbed from the environment during production. Secondly, the packaging credentials, include ECO CERT and “I’m green” tubes manufactured from sugar cane.

Inspired and created by professionals

Organic Series dermocosmetics is the result of many years of work on the market of professional care for clinics and beauty salons worldwide.

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Organic Series Dermocosmetics - Our Mission

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We never compromise on quality. That is why we choose the very best raw ingredients with proven formulas, avoid dubious and potentially dangerous ingredients, use innovative technologies. It allows us to offer an extremely effective but also pleasant skincare range.

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