ABC of daily skincare

If you don’t know when to use the serum and when to use the cream, or if you’re confused when you’re thinking of toners and scrubs – check out the basic care regimen and adjust it to your needs. Start from the minimum necessary and extend with time with the next steps

Main steps in a proper routine



The basis for proper care is skin cleansing. Do it twice a day – in the evening with makeup removal, and in the morning in a softer form to remove sebum and any dirt that has accumulated overnight.

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Mechanical or enzymatic peeling should be repeated 1-2 times a week to get rid of dead cells and increase the absorption of valuable active ingredients from cosmetics. Performed regularly, it supports the correct process of epidermis keratosis and makes the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch.

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+ TonizaTION


There must be no lack of toning during every daily care. Tonic applied immediately after cleansing or exfoliation restores the neutral pH of the skin providing it with adequate protection.


+ Skincare

Creams | Serum | Boosters | masks

For toned-down skin, use a serum and cream that will provide the skin with the necessary active ingredients, intensively moisturize, nourish and protect against external factors. Depending on your needs, you can combine the serum and cream from different lines and apply them topically. Additional support of care is provided by regularly applied masks, which : soothe inflammation, calm redness, relax the skin, increase absorption of active ingredients or stimulate regeneration. This is a stage that will complement your daily care with another dose of vitamins for your skin and will make your skin smooth and radiant.

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+ UV Protection

SPF creams | SPF oil

A key factor in skin aging is exposure to the sun. If you want to slow down this process or have a tendency to discoloration, you must remember to protect your SPF daily. Apply a sunscreen every morning or apply a foundation with a high enough filter when applying makeup.

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Morning and night skincare routine

Know the differences, see when and in what order to take each step

Remember ! These are general care regimens that may vary according to the individual needs of each skin. If you have any doubts, ask your cosmetologist for help in setting up a dedicated care plan.

For a good start:

If you don’t know where to start, choose our “Healthy ABC” set. You will find 3 basic products that are enough to start with: makeup remover gel (which also works as a gentle cleansing gel), tonic and the chosen forte cream. When you feel that your skin is ready for more – try introducing regular exfoliation and a stage with a regenerating mask into your daily routine.

"Healthy ABC" set
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