Dry skin requires special attention and proper care.

Frequent cleaning or the use of inappropriate products can significantly worsen the condition of dry skin. In this case, intensity is not recommended. How to take care of dry skin? What mistakes to avoid so that our face is beautiful, smooth and of uniform colour? This is what you will find out in this article.


Dry skin is easy to recognize: It is rough and unpleasant to the touch. After washing, the skin feels taut and tight. In general, dry skin is also very thin, so that blood vessels are sometimes visible.

Dry skin does not look aesthetically pleasing especially when redness, itching and irritation occur.


Another rather unpleasant feature of dry skin is the tendency to appearance of facial wrinkles. The ageing process in dry skin occurs much faster than in the case of normal skin.

Constant dryness of the skin is caused by the production of less sebum, which results in the skin producing fewer lipids. Lipids protect the skin from harmful elements and provide them with the right level of moisture. It is the lack of adequate amounts of sebum and lipids that causes tight skin.

Dry skin is caused by genetics or external factors such as UV light, dry air; poorly chosen skincare products, or taking blood pressure medication. The tendency to have dry skin is evident among fair-skinned people, pregnant women, or those going through menopause.


Let’s now focus a little more on what causes dry skin and how to counteract it.

First of all, you should pay special attention to what cosmetics we use for care and what their composition is. First of all, as soon as possible give up cosmetics created based on alcohol. It has a drying effect, which in the case of dry skin will only worsen its condition. Dry skin is usually very sensitive, which makes it inadvisable to perform granular peeling. This can lead to skin irritation. To get rid of the old epidermis, it is recommended to use an enzymatic peel.


Weather conditions also contribute to the poor condition of our skin. Low temperatures, being out in the cold or harsh sun can have a bad effect on dry skin. For this reason, dry skin is most common in summer and winter.


Another factor that affects our skin is poor nutrition. We usually do not pay much attention to what we eat and in what quantity. This is a big mistake. Our meals should have many nutritional values such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and E. Supplementation of the above-mentioned vitamins helps to produce collagen, increase skin hydration levels, and protect against harmful UV rays. Afterall we are what we eat!

Dry skin can also be a side effect of medications taken, especially those regulating blood pressure, it is also a symptom of dehydration of the body. If this is the case, not only is dry skin a symptom but so are dark circles under the eyes and chapped lips. Skin dehydration occurs when more water evaporates from the epidermis than the body can supply.

Severe heat, drinking too little water, fever – these are all reasons for not having adequate water levels in the body.

We also got some tips on how to clean dry skin. You should avoid facial cleansers with soap or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). These ingredients can remove natural oil production from your skin. You should also avoid gels containing alcohol, fragrances or parabens.

Due to its tendency for irritation, makeup removal on dry skin should be carried out gently. A micellar lotion or makeup remover should also contain soothing and moisturizing properties – ideal for dry skin. Remove makeup using cotton pads and gently wiping your face with them. Don’t be too quick and rough, as this can irritate your skin and lead to redness and imperfections.


Use warm water when washing your face. When you take a hot shower remember to put some lotion on after. Hot water can make your skin much drier. Never rub your face with a towel to dry it. It’s better to use nice, soft cotton towel and gently pat your face dry.


Remember: over-cleansing your face can dry out the skin!

The main task of cosmetics for dry skin should be strong hydration and nourishment. Products with such an effect contain ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, urea, lactic acid.

The second type of ingredients found in lubricating and moisturizing cosmetics are substances that prevent moisture loss. These are wax (beeswax or jojoba), which has regenerative properties and petroleum jelly and paraffin oil, which are responsible for the formation of a protective layer on the skin and inhibit water loss.


Now let’s focus on proper dry skincare. The first and most important step is to provide it with hydration. For this purpose, products containing urea and amino acids will work great. These ingredients help retain water in the skin layers. It is advisable to have a moisturizing cream in two versions: for the day and the night. Day cream should contain UV filters, which protect our face from the sun. The night cream should regenerate and nourish the skin.

The next step is to lubricate dry skin. If you have dry skin, lubrication should become an obligatory stage of skincare.

Greasing creams will help a lot in this regard. Face creams for dry and sensitive skin included shea butter can make a soothing effect.


When you want to change one of your basic products for skincare, do it carefully. You need to remember about switching one product at a time.

Thank that you will know is this product is bad for your skin or not (it is easy to tell if a product causes an allergic reaction on your skin). Before using a product on your face, do a hand test. Use a new product for at least 2 weeks to see how it performs. After this time, you can introduce another new cosmetic.


Organic Series creates products fully based on natural ingredients. It combines care for the environment with care for the beauty of customers’ skin all over the world. Organic Series products make you feel as if you were in a SPA salon at home. More importantly, the effects of the products are confirmed by numerous laboratory tests.

Organic Series products are suitable for various skin types and there is something for everyone.


Here are some Organic Series products that work well for dry skin.

Cranberry Algae Mask – This facemask contains many valuable ingredients like vit. A, B and C, calcium, iron and iodine. All of the compounds present in the mask will improve the functioning of the skin, perfectly moisturize it and regulate pH.


Argan Oil Algae Mask – Algae mask with natural extract of argan oil deeply moisturizes and soothes the skin. It strongly regenerates, cares and nourishes the skin.


Lemon Algae Mask – this facemask improves skin tone, deeply moisturise it and regulate water balance. Vitamin C will calm the skin and soothe any irritation, cleanse the skin of toxins and stimulate blood microcirculation.



Before applying the algae mask, scrub your face and neck and massage 3 times with the selected Organic Series serum. The algae mask creates an unstable occlusion, it causes stronger pressing of active ingredients from the preparations which are applied under it. In this way, you will intensify the nutritional and regenerative effects of the serum.


Moisturizing Body Mousse – moisturizing body mousse with relaxing properties, which will ensure the right degree of moisture and hydration. After application, the skin is perfectly smoothed, strongly moisturised and regenerated. Mousse is pleasant to apply, spreads perfectly, it also has a very delicate and light texture and pleasant, citrus scent. The Organic Series expert recommends: you can use mousse in combination with heated gloves, socks or an electric blanket, thus generating heat that supports the absorption of active substances into the epidermis and extending the duration of the hydration.


Aloe Vera Algae Mask – This organic mask has natural aloe vera extracts that will strongly soothe, calm and moisturize sensitive, dry and tired skin. It will speed up the healing process, regenerate, firm, and rejuvenate the skin, surrounding it with natural protection.


Hydro – Control Lipo Cream – Lipids are a group of organic compounds needed for the proper functioning of the skin, on which they form a hydrolipidic layer. Its function is to protect the skin from dryness and harmful effects of external factors such as pollution, wind, frost and sunlight. In the skin, lipids are a building block, but they are also responsible for their proper water and fat balance. Deficiencies in this component may result in dehydration and hypersensitivity. Hydrolipidic cream can be used as an intensive lipo base. The content of moisturizing, soothing ingredients will minimize the feeling of tightness, irritation or discomfort and slow down the processes of premature ageing resulting from dryness.


Nourishing Cream Concentrate – rich in active ingredients, the formula of the nourishing cream deeply regenerates, moisturises and lubricates the skin and protecting it from external factors. Nourishing day and night cream is especially recommended for daily care during the winter season when the skin needs nourishment, hydration and protection.


Lactobionic Acid Cream – this cream provides a feeling of intense hydration in people with dry skin, it also contains a high concentration of 10% lactobionic acid, which guarantees excellent and visible results without irritating. The cream with lactobionic acid can be used after a series of AHA exfoliating treatments as maintenance of the treatment effect and overnight, as a part of everyday care.


Oxygenating Forte Cream – this cream from Organic Series gives excellent results for skin requiring strong regeneration and nourishment. Active ingredients like argan oil, shea butter or vitamin E makes skin highly moisturized and visibly rejuvenated. Due to the botanical mixture of sugar leaf algae, sea fennel and corn fibres, Oxygenating Forte Cream has a spectacular soothing, flexible and anti-radical effect.


Moisturizing Cream SPF20 – this cream, thank its high content of beneficial active ingredients, will strengthen the protective barrier of the skin, restore bright and radiant skin. A moisturizing cream with a sunscreen filter protects the skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation while deeply moisturizing it.


Moisturizing Cream Forte – this cream contains a botanical mix of aloe vera, flax and cotton, which will strengthen the protective barrier of the skin and restore a bright and radiant complexion. It will also regenerate and soothe the irritation that appears on the skin.


Anti-Redness Cream Forte – dry and sensitive skin must be treated in an extremely gentle way. Anti-Redness Cream Forte has a high concentration of active ingredients that will minimize the problem of excessively dilated blood vessels. The cream will neutralize hypersensitivity and restore proper hydration. The forte cream has a light texture, good absorption and is ideal for use under make-up.


Brightening Cream Forte – this naturally lightening cream with its clinically proven effect reduces the appearance of freckles, age spots and discolouration. Active ingredients like vitamin E, Betaine, Perilla oil has moisturizing, smoothing regenerating effects, that’s why this cream is perfect for dry and tired skin.


Intensive Moisture Serum – it deeply moisturizes, helps to regenerate damage at the cellular level. This powerful moisturizing serum maximizes water replenishment and strengthens the skin’s natural ability to retain water. Intensive Moisture Serum will give your skin extra hydration and prepare the face for the next steps of skincare.


Hyaluronic Acid 2in1 – this product will give your skin intense moisture, eliminates puffiness, fine lines and bruises under the eyes. Thanks to the extraordinary properties of hyaluronic acid, it binds water in cells and then slowly releases it, nourishing, regenerating, firming and giving the skin a younger look.


Optimal Facial Cleanser – this makeup remover gel is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive or problematic. The cleansing properties of natural plant extracts remove all impurities, dead skin and makeup without irritating the skin, soothing and moisturising. Optimal Facial Cleanser leaves the skin soft and perfectly clean while protecting it from drying out.

Natural products from Organic Series and proper care will provide your skin with a beautiful and healthy look. Remember that dry skin needs more attention, take care of it the best you can!


Finally, here are some final tips from our article in a nutshell 🙂

  1. Don’t cleanse your face too often so as not to irritate it. The best time to wash your dry skin is in the evening.
  2. Use products free of alcohol, strong fragrances, SLS etc.
  3. Moisturize your skin every morning and evening. The day cream should contain UV filters, the night cream should be highly nourishing, regenerating and richer in composition than the day cream.
  4. Take baths only in warm water, hot water deprives the skin of its natural moisture, which results in dry skin.
  5. Apply sunscreen and lipstick regularly to keep your lips moisturized.
  6. During the fall and winter months, it is a good idea to get a humidifier. The heating season, including radiators, significantly dries out the air in our home. To protect your skin from excessive drying it is good to avoid air-conditioned rooms and humidify the air in those rooms where we spend the most time.
  7. The last and most important tip: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!