No everyone has perfect smooth skin, blemishes and pimples are common. Some people struggle with an awful Acne. Sensitive skin can cause redness, pimples, blackheads, or even acne scars — all of these things can lower self-confidence. When we look good, we feel good. Acne skin needs more care than usual. A healthy diet, execise, better hygiene and getting enough sleep are a few steps you can take towards making your skin look healthier. Using the correct cosmetic products and following a proper skincare routine is very important. In this article, we want to help you understand how to best achive this and offer advice on how to take care of acne skin.


One of the most essential steps to make your skin look better is by washing your face a twice a day. While we sleep and during our day to day life, a lot of bacteria, dead skin, dirt and sweat can effect our skin. We should wash our face on waking up and before going to bed. We need to remember about changing our pillow covers and towels on a regualar basis. Bacteria grows on our pillows and towels so after prelonged use they can transfer back on to our face and make acne even worse.

A good pro-tip is using paper towels to dry your face.

About clean face — pay attention to ingredients of facial products, make sure they don’t contain alcohol or clog your pores. When it comes to choosing the best facial cleanser, expensive products does not always mean that they are the best ones to use. A good fragrence free cleanser containing just a few ingredients can work in the same way and be more effective.

Don’t forget about moisturising your face. Problematic skin is often very oily which means that the skin is too dry and tries to compensate for it by overproducing oil. The resulting in breakouts. Just like products for cleaning your face, moisturisers don’t need to be expensive or full of “magical” ingredients. The best moisturisers are non-comedogenic.

Besides cleaning and moisturising, we also have to exfoliate the skin. Dead skin cells need to be removed because when they sit on the skin for too long they can cause breakouts and clog our pores. Without exfoliation the skin can look dull or even prematurely aged. The type of exfoliation needs to match our skin type. For skin with acne or sensitivity, the best exfoliates is an enzymatic one.

The Organic Series Cosmetic range has great organic products perfect for acne skin. The Organic Series is a cosmetic brand producing organic and vegan cosmetic products. Over 98% of the active ingredients in Organic Series cosmetics are of organic origin. Products bearing this mark have been tested by independent laboratories. Natural products are especially perfect for problematic skin. Let’s take a look at Acne Control Cream. The cream will affect the composition of sebum, it has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. All of this is due to the pressence of shikimic acid. Regular use of this product will regenerate the skin with discoloration issues as well as significantly reduce oily skin and TEWL (transepidermal water loss). The Acne Control Cream will give the skin excellent moisture and make your face feel silky smooth. Acne Control Cream have such ingredients as:

  • Green tea extract which has antibacterial and anti-aging properties and reduces the formation of erythema,
  • Lavender oil — this oil regulates sebum production and stimulates new cell growth.
  • Chia seed oil — this kind of oil strongly moisturizes the skin, makes it more flexible, and has protective properties,

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your anti-acne treatment, our experts at Organic Series have this a pro-tip! ‘Apply serum’ (we will talk about serum below) on your face every evening, before applying the cream. The Organic Series Acne Skin Serum should be used as part the nightime skincare routine.

ALERT!: Don’t forget about applying sun cream as part of the morning routine. By doing this we protect our skin not only from premature aging but also from discoloration.

As we mentioned before applying the Organic Series cream it’s good to add some serum. Acne Control Serum. The Organic Series Acne Control Serum has an effective antibacterial effect, regulates the sebaceous gland, and reduces sebum secretion. The Organic Series Acne Skin Serum will make your skin look and feel smoother, regenerated, and perfectly moisturised.

The Organic Series Acne Control Serum has a unique combination of ingredients which are:

  • Tazman Pepper which has an anti-inflammatory effect soothes, relieves itching and burning, and strengthens blood vessels,
  • Zinc PCA — has anti-aging and antibacterial effects and what’s more important: soothes acne conditions,
  • Oliglycan — this ingredient remineralizes the skin, neutralizes free radicals regenerates, moisturizes, and makes the skin more flexible.

The Organic Series Acne Control Serum is a combination product and should be used to strengthen the action of the Organic Series cream. The Organic Series Acne Control Serum it’s not an independent cosmetic. The role of The Organic Series Control Serum is to prepare the skin for the cream and other products used as part of our skincare routine.

The Organic Series Acne Control Serum should be applied to the face and neck.

One more thing about skin care products: Always check the ingredients and use products that are “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free”. This kind of ingredient and a lot more you will find in the Organic Series Cosmetics. Before applying makeup or skincare products make sure that your hands are completely clean. Never go to sleep with your makeup on and wash all of your brushes and sponges a minimum of once a week.

Now going back to the main topic, but we’re going to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. How we can maintain good conditioning of our skin? This one is quite and easy to do, and it’s not expensive. That thing is SLEEP. Being always tired and not getting enough amount of sleep can cause your skin to break out more often than usual. It’s important to sleep 7-9 hours each night.

Long-term stress is also a cause of acne. When we have some stressful situations our body’s reaction can result in acne breakouts and other health problems. Remember a healthy mind = a healthy body. To stay calm and positive we can practice meditation, yoga, or do some exercises. Sometimes a cup of warm tea, a blanket, and a favorite book or podcast can also do a lot of good to our menta; health.

The next thing about staying healthy is to reduce sugar in our diet. Some kinds of food can cause acne: salt or spicy snacks or foods with a high glycemic index.

What can we do about it? Well, there are many ways to cut sugar from our diet.

First things first try to reduce eating white bread and baked goods, drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. Include more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet. Reduce your alcohol intake, Drinking alcohol is also not good for keeping our skin healthy.

Acne skin is not that diificult to deal with. Remember about a few tips that we shared with you in this article. A healthier diet, good skin products, and relaxation will help you become healthier and make your skin look much better.