Dry skin

What is dry skin? What are the causes? What should you pay attention to when taking care of your skin?

Characteristics of dry skin

Dried, flaky, dehydrated, stretched, sensitive, rough, dull, thin, often losing elasticity and firmness.

causes of dry skin

Genetic conditions, improper home care, stressors, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, excessive solar exposure, hormonal disorders

Purpose of dry skin care

+ intensive hydration,
+ skin nourishment,
+ strengthening of the skin lipid coat,
+ supplementation of intercellular cement components,
+ protection against sunlight and frost,
+ avoidance of products that make the skin worse

What factors exacerbate skin dryness?

Discover products for dry skin

The offer of Organic Series is expanded by many possibilities! We present you with products divided into main categories, according to the stages of daily care – starting with those crucial for a given skin type.

+ skincare
cream | serum | booster | mask

For dry skin, as basic care, we recommend the forte cream with strong moisturizing properties. The cream’s unique, lamellar structure imitates the natural mechanisms of human skin to supplement natural lipids with extraordinary moisturizing properties. The cream strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, restores bright and radiant skin, reducing signs of fatigue and aging. Crodamol Isis and hyaluronic acid prevent transepidermal water loss by binding and retaining it in deeper skin layers.

The serum, like the cream, is highly moisturizing and provides the skin with valuable ingredients, but it has a higher concentration of active substances and is richer in various compounds, which have a multifaceted effect. It will maximize water replenishment and strengthen the skin’s natural ability to retain water. The serum deeply moisturizes the skin, stimulates the regeneration of damage at the cellular level, while protecting it from the aging process and external factors.

However, it should be remembered that the serum will never replace a cream, so it is worthwhile to use it in combination with evening care, as this is when the skin has the greatest ability to self-regenerate. To enhance the moisturizing and regenerating effect of the serum and increase its absorption, spray the skin with a micronized silver booster before or after application.


Algae mask with argan oil deeply moisturizes, soothes, and soothes the skin. The argan oil is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, thanks to which the algae mask has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It strongly regenerates, cares for and nourishes the skin. Algae mask is worth applying after exfoliating the epidermis. In this way blood circulation will be improved and keratinized epidermis will be removed, which translates into increased effectiveness of the mask’s regenerative action. Using it once a week, daily care will be supplemented with an additional vitamin bomb for the skin.

+ cleansing
gels | liquids

Organic Series cleansing products have been composed to suit every skin type. Just remember to cleanse your skin twice a day – in the evening with makeup removal, and in the morning in a softer form using e.g. facial cleansing gel. Depending on whether you prefer one or two-stage cleansing, choose the right products.

+ peeling

Dry skin, like any other, needs peeling. However, in this case it must be done with a gentle preparation that does not irritate the skin. The facial scrub has a unique vegetable formula that cleanses the skin and helps it maintain its natural moisture. Thanks to the content of bamboo powder and strawberry, the peeling exfoliates keratinized epidermis without irritating dry, sensitive skin. The skin will be properly moisturized, smoothed and nourished. By exfoliating twice a week, the skin is more likely to absorb the active ingredients contained in skincare products. Thanks to this, their effectiveness is significantly increased.

+ tonization

The use of the tonic is important for all skin types to restore the neutral pH of the skin, strengthen and improve the work of the hydrolipidic mantle, which is responsible for protecting the skin against adverse external factors or against excessive drying. Using the tonic in the morning and in the evening additionally improves the penetration of active substances used in the subsequent stages of care. For dry skin, we recommend the Tonic with AHA acids, its delicate enzymes obtained from grapefruit and pineapple dissolve dead skin cells, revealing soft and smooth skin without causing irritation.

You want to know more about proper skincare?

See our “ABC of care”, where you will learn key information about the various stages and a diagram of daily care. How to take care of your skin in the morning and how to use the products in the evening and in what order to make them work as effectively as possible.

Supplementary therapies:

+ extra hydration

For dry skin, the forte moisturizing cream is suitable for use in daily care, but may not be sufficient in winter. Low temperatures and dry, harsh air may intensify excessive drying of the skin, dehydration and irritation. In such a situation, it is worth introducing a temporary, additional product to your care, which will help to deal with the problem. A greasing emollient cream, i.e. hydrolipidic cream, helps to strengthen the weakened protective coat of the skin and increase its resistance to adverse external factors. The content of moisturizing, soothing and soothing ingredients will minimize the feeling of tightness, irritation or discomfort and slow down the processes of premature aging resulting from dryness.

+ sunscreen

During strong sunshine, always use appropriate cosmetics with sun protection – moisturizing cream with natural filter or moisturizing cream with SPF – high protection. In this way you will prevent excessive dryness of the skin, moisturize it and protect it from harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

+ amplification

Once in a while you can strengthen your moisturizing treatment with a strong moisturizing serum by using 2in1 hyaluronic acid. The revolutionary hyaluronic acid formula known as the “fountain of youth” instantly moisturizes the skin from both the outside and inside, eliminating puffiness, fine lines and bruises under the eyes. Thanks to its extraordinary properties, hyaluronic acid binds water in cells and then slowly releases it, nourishing, regenerating, firming and giving the skin a younger look.

+ amplification

To increase cell renewal and hydrate the skin more strongly, introduce lactobionic acid cream into your evening care. Uniquely composed cream containing pure lactobionic acid in a high concentration of 10%, guarantees excellent and visible results without causing irritation. Thanks to the active substance contained in the formula, the cream provides the feeling of intense hydration, hydration and smoothing of the skin.

For a good start!

"Sensitive Skin ABC" set for dry skin

If you don’t know where to start, choose our ABC set. You will find 3 basic products that will be enough to start with: makeup remover gel (which also works as a gentle cleansing gel), tonic and a forte cream selected for your skin type. When you feel that your skin is ready for more – try to introduce regular exfoliation to your daily routine and a stage with a regenerating mask.

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