5 Essential skincare routines for teenagers with organic series

Are you a teen worried about skin complaints like acne, blackheads, and oily skin?

Following a regular skincare routine by Organic Series will give you a healthier complexion and put a smile back on your face!

Our experienced cosmetologists and therapists are here to bring you the best advice, tips, and tricks on how to keep your skin looking healthy and naturally glowing. When it comes to a teen’s first steps into a skincare routine, its best to keep it as mild and organic as much as possible! A skin’s health is of utmost importance. For those of you who know and love all natural, vegan products your skin will love it too! These products are ideal and will help you improve the health of your skin.

In general, here are the basics of a teen’s first skincare routine and healthy and useful habits:

  1. Cleanse carefully

Remember complaining to your mum when she made you wash your face every day? It turns out mum was right: Throughout the day the skin is continually exposed to pollutants, dirt and bacteria, resulting in old (dead) skin cells. Regular cleansing will help you remove these impurities.

Another important factor, Cleansing helps to maintain proper levels of hydration preventing in the production of excess oils. Regular cleansing helps maintain pore size to prevent clogging which can result in the development of serious acne, also protecting the skin from the damaging environment we live in.

The tiny glands under the skin produce oil called sebum. When excessive dirt builds up on the surface of the skin it traps the sebum and blocking of the follicles. Regular skin cleansing allows the sebum oil to reach the skin surface unimpeded clearing the pores of debris, preventing the build-up of dirt, decreasing the chances of a breakout.


  • If you have dry skin, you’ll want to avoid cleansers with high alcohol content. Always use a cream-based cleanser
  • If you have oily skin a foamy or gel cleanser is best as it contains a lower PH level
  • If you wear a lot of makeup, you’ll want a cleanser targeted towards removal
  • If you tend to sweat excessively after exercise, use a product targeting clogged pores

I always recommend using Organic and natural products every time.

2. Protection From Sun

Do you know the sun’s rays affect our skin even when it’s cloudy?

We normally associate sunscreen with strong sun, summer and heat. We are accustomed to applying sunscreen mainly when we are going out in the strong sun to protect ourselves from sunburn. Do you also know that the sun is a main cause of skin discoloration, not only sunburn.

Have you heard about UVA, UVB, and also UVC rays? Each of them affects our skin to a greater or lesser extent UVA radiation: This kind of radiation is responsible for early ageing and significantly damages the collagen in the skin. UVB radiation will cause sunburn.



  • Preventing sunburn: Regularly apply sunscreen, Practice safe tanning
  • Prevent early ageing: UVA radiation causes photo aging of the skin, or in other words, it destroys the collagen fibres that gives the skin its firmness and youthful appearance
  • Reduce discoloration: Sunlight greatly enhances the activity of pigment cells. When we are in the sun without sunscreen, it causes excessive secretion of melanin
  • Improves skin’s health: Regular use of sunscreen prevents the development of a reaction in the body, which is responsible for the development of melanomas

You can choose one of our great SPF products from the Organic series range


3. Exfoliate: Once a Week:

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of body however if it is done incorrectly, it can cause more harmful than good. Exfoliation is best ways to improve your skin’s texture and tone, and it’s something all of us can do right at home.

Facial scrubs, Exfoliation sponge and brushes to physically remove dead skin cells are forms of physical exfoliation. Different types of exfoliations may not work for every skin type, it’s important to consider your skin type before choosing an exfoliation method

Sensitive skin may sting or burn

Normal skin is clear and not sensitive

Dry skin is flaky, itchy, or rough

Oily skin is shiny and greasy

Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others


4. Lips care

Ever wondered why your lips tend to chap and crack — even if your skin is oily? This lip care routine will help your lips stay in tip-top shape all year round!

Unlike other areas of the body the skin on our lips do not contain oil glands. That means they are more susceptible to drying out and becoming chapped.

Lack of moisture can worsen the problem. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure!”


  • Apply the right products
  • You want to use non-irritating natural or organic lip balm or lipstick
  • Avoid products with artificial flavouring that causes a feeling of burning or tingling
  • Mineral oil, Hemp seed oil, Castor seed oil, White petroleum jelly and shea butter. These are products that can help heal chapped lips. A must have as part your Lip care
  • Stay hydrated: Lips tend to dry out and become chapped easily compared to rest of our skin stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Apply cream or jelly-based products to your lips before you go to sleep you can also use raw milk or ghee to keep your lips hydrated during the night.
  • Use Lipsticks often: Yes, wearing lipstick will add a protective barrier on the lips which helps to protect from sun and dry air damage
  • Remove make up: Use a damp cotton ball and wipe your lips thoroughly to remove any make up.


5. Wash Off: Makeup before bed:

Do you want clean glowing, fresh-looking skin? By removing make up before bed will be doing your skin a big favour! Going to sleep with makeup on can cause common issues like acne, broken eyelashes, eye irritations and infections.

Learn the art if removing make up by experts Keeping your hair clear, gently massage

  • Keeping your hair clear, gently massage a cleanser over your face and let it sit for 15 seconds
  • Using a cleansing oil, could help prevent your skin from drying out
  • Steam will help you open up your pores and make it easier for cleansing.
  • Use a cotton pad and oil-based remover especially for the eyes as the skin around eyes is more sensitive
  • A cotton pad soaked in liquid or cream makeup remover should take off most lipsticks this will help pigmentation
  • Don’t use cotton balls or baby wipes


No matter which makeup and cleansing options you fancy, it’s important to apply moisturiser afterwards. Don’t bother to dry off before completing this step since applying moisturiser directly to damp skin can help lock in moisture and help with hydration

So, there you have it.

Our insider guide on how to look after your skin!

Check out our full range of organic products and find out what is best suited for your individual needs and lifestyle!