We normally associate sunscreen with summer, strong sun, and heat. We are accustomed to applying sunscreen mainly on the beach to protect ourselves from sunburn. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that sunscreen should be used all year round. In today’s article, we will focus on why we should include SPF in our day-to-day skincare routine.

What does sunscreen do to protect us during the various seasons throughout the year?

Let’s start with summer because that’s when we focus most on sun protection. During this time, the sun can cause not only burns but also the formation of discoloration. Remember that the sun’s rays affect our skin even when it’s cloudy. We are talking about UVA, UVB, and also UVC rays. Each of them affects our skin to a greater or lesser extent. Let’s take a closer:

UVA radiation – this type of rays reaches the skin the deepest and has a very harmful effect. This kind of radiation is responsible for early aging, can lead to cancer, and significantly damages the collagen in the skin. UVA radiation is strong regardless of weather conditions or season, so even in winter our skin is exposed to it. Remember that sunscreen should be applied even if you are going to stay indoors because the sun’s rays reach through the windows.

UVB radiation – It makes our skin beautifully tanned in summer, but also causes the appearance of sunburn. Our skin is not susceptible to tanning in the autumn and winter because the UVB rays are then weaker. Therefore, any facial treatments with acids are mainly performed in winter, because the skin can not then have contact with the sun. They are less harmful than the UVA rays mentioned above.

The last type of radiation, UVC, is so weak that it does not reach the surface of our planet. Sunlight has negative effects on the health of our skin regardless of the season, especially UVA rays.



Now let’s move on to the benefits of using sunscreen not just in the summer, but all year round!

Safe skin tanning and burn prevention – This is the main reason why we use sunscreen, especially in summer. Without adequate protection our skin is exposed to burns – it becomes red and burns.

  • Safe skin tanning and burn prevention – This is the main reason why we use sunscreen, especially in summer. Without adequate protection our skin is exposed to burns – it becomes red and burns.

    SPF is an absolute must!

  • Prevents early skin aging – This is another very important reason why we should introduce sunscreen into our daily morning skincare routine. UVA radiation causes photoaging of the skin, or in other words, it destroys the collagen fibers that give skin its firmness and youthful appearance. Prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection accelerates the aging process. To enjoy smooth and supple skin, start applying sunscreen year-round.
  • Prevents discoloration – Probably each of us has on his or her skin some discoloration: acne scars, after burns, moles. Skin discolorations can also appear as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun. They are brown in color and are difficult to eliminate because the spots are located quite deep within the skin. How do they form? Here’s how: Sunlight greatly enhances the activity of pigment cells. When we are in the sun without sunscreen, it causes excessive secretion of melanin.
  • Sunscreen helps take care of acne-prone skin – Skin prone to imperfections requires special treatment. In the place of pimples, pink spots, or acne discoloration may appear. In the place of such spots, the skin is quite thin and very sensitive to sunlight, so it is necessary to moisturize the face with sunscreen. When struggling with acne, you should be very careful with the sun, which significantly slows down the healing of pimples and acne marks.
  • Staying in the sun for long periods without sunscreen protection can cause significant blood vessel dilatation. For this reason, people with vascular skin should be especially careful and remember to apply SPF cream before leaving the house.
  • In addition to taking care of our skin’s appearance, sunscreen also takes care of our skin’s health. Few realize that the sun’s rays can cause melanoma, one of the most malignant cancers. Regular use of sunscreen prevents the development of a reaction in the body, which is responsible for the development of melanoma.


The use of sunscreen is very important and should be a regular step in both young and old skincare. Despite awareness of the potential risks, some people choose not to wear sunscreen, even during the summer. Why? Well, we’re used to thinking that all sunscreen products have an oily texture, leave a white film, and make our face glow. As we are more and more aware of how to take care of our skin, we are interested in the composition and above all, we “listen” to our skin, sunscreen creams of many types started to appear in stores and not only. Apart from SPF strength levels, you can find face creams that are waterproof, fragrance-free, and, most importantly, have a light consistency just right for everyday use. We do not get shiny, we do not have a greasy layer of cream on our face and at the same time, it is fully protected against harmful UV radiation.



Organic Series produces cosmetics for daily care for all skin types and ages. We use the goodness of Mother Nature to provide our customers with all-natural, organic cosmetics. We help you discover a healthier beauty while caring for the environment. Our cosmetics are used for daily care, morning and evening at all stages from makeup removal to masks and creams. You can also find creams enriched with UV filters, which not only protect but also moisturize.

Below are the UV filter products from Organic Series:

  • Moisturizing Cream SPF – a moisturizing cream with a sunscreen filter protects the skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation while deeply moisturizing it. Moisturizing Cream with SPF 20 protects skin from the early formation of wrinkles and strengthens the protective barrier.
  • Moisturizing Cream SPF High Protection – It is a moisturizer with high protection of 43 SPF, so it is ideal for people with a very light complexion and sensitive skin. It regenerates, smooths, and makes the skin feel enlightened and pleasant to the touch. The light texture of the cream leaves no white filter and is suitable under makeup
  • Mineral Body Glow with SPF 25 – The illuminating oil emphasizes your tan, protects your skin against the sun’s harmful rays, and gives your skin an incredible glow in the evening. It is perfect for a day at the beach as well as an evening dinner or a party. You can apply it to your shoulders, collarbones, or neckline. It is worth mentioning that the oil, thanks to its all-natural composition, provides the skin with an appropriate level of hydration.


It is high time we take care of the health and beauty of our skin not only in the summer but throughout the year. Thank you for reaching the end of the article and for helping us understand the importance of using SPF cream every day.