Living in harmony with nature is increasingly popular. More and more of us realize how important a healthy lifestyle is for our general well-being. This applies not only to diet but also to taking care of ourselves on the outside too by using products containing mainly natural ingredients. Every morning and evening we apply a variety of cosmetics to our face and body, which are then absorbed by our skin. Some products can have the reverse effect and only make matters worse. Organic cosmetics, due to their natural ingredients, take care of our skin safely and effectively, even sensitive, or problematic skin.

Natural cosmetics are becoming the new way to look after the health and appearance of your skin. Some of you may still be wondering why you should replace your existing cosmetics with products containing mostly natural ingredients. Well, the main reason we switch to natural cosmetics is the absence of harmful ingredients. In “ordinary” cosmetics there are often ingredients that dry out the skin, clog pores or even irritate existing problems, ingredients such as SLS, PEG or parabens. Organic cosmetics are made of high-quality ingredients, and the lack of chemical substances significantly reduces the possibility of irritation, including skin redness and ensures for the skins protective barrier to remains intact, especially recommended for people with sensitive or problematic skin.

Lovers of ecological lifestyles and more will be pleased to know that natural cosmetics are not tested on animals and the product packaging is made from recycled materials. So they are 100% cruelty-free and eco-friendly. It is a common belief that organic food and cosmetics are expensive and difficult to access, which means that only certain people can use them. Nowadays, ecology has become so widespread that many cosmetic brands, even those from a slightly lower shelf, decide to produce a line of fully organic and natural.

Natural cosmetics have a short and simple list of ingredients, where usually the label with the composition of conventional cosmetics takes up the entire back of the package. The composition of organic cosmetics is usually planted extracts and oils, proteins and clays. However, it is worth noting that it is good to carefully read the labels of cosmetics, regardless of whether they are natural or not. Another quite important advantage of organic skincare products is their versatility. They work well for both women and men, regardless of age or skin type.


Organic Series care about Mother Nature as much as the beautiful appearance of our customers’ skin. Our products are not tested on animals and their effectiveness is confirmed by many laboratory tests. Over 98% of the active ingredients in our cosmetics are of organic origin. You will not find any parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances, mineral oils, PEGs, paraffin, GMOs, synthetic silicone oils, there are no skin-irritating minerals. Our forte creams contain a lamellar structure that mimics the structure of human skin, so it’s quickly absorbed, provides long-lasting moisture and is suitable to use even under make-up. The active ingredients contained in our products are specially selected to guarantee visible, long-lasting results. We care for the environment as much as we care for our products so all of our eco-packaging is made of recycled materials.

We offer a full range of face and body care products from toners, face gels, creams for all skin types to treat a wide range of issues, to a good selection of face masks and body lotions designed to pamper and feed your skin.

Below are some of our bestsellers good for all skin types:

  • Serum with 10% Vitamin C: this serum will brighten up your skin and hydrate it a long way. That’s why a serum with Vit C is perfect for the morning skincare routine. It will bring up some life to our face, make it fresher with some natural-looking glow. We should just remember that serum is not an independent product, but it should be used before the cream.
  • Moisturizing Cream SPF 20: here’s another great product, highly recommended for every type of skin. SPF protection is very important not only during the summer but all year long. Creams with SPF protects us from sunburn but also early skin ageing. Moisturizing Cream SPF protects our skin but at the same time, it deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Aloe Vera Algae Mask: This facemask from the Organic Series has aloe vera extracts and leave skin effectively regenerated, moisturized and smooth. It will also speed up the healing process.
  • Anti-Aging Cream Forte: perfect for clients with mature skin. This anti-ageing cream has 10 active ingredients like iris, vine or shea butter. Regular use of the product makes the skin is more flexible and rejuvenated. It prevents the formation of wrinkles. This product from the Organic Series is a must-have for women above 40 years.
  • Eye Make-Up Remover: after a long day, it is good to take your make-up off and clean your skin. Our make-up remover will help with that. This product removes even waterproof mascara without irritating the sensitive skin around the eyes. Regular use helps reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Take care of the healthy appearance of your skin by using organic cosmetics. Your skin and Mother Nature will thank you for it 🙂 Nature gives us the best, so it is worth taking advantage of it. A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on both our body and mind. Start with small steps, and soon you will feel a big difference.