How To Apply Eye Cream – 9 Best Tips

How to apply eye cream: Taking care of your skin is an essential aspect of any beauty routine, and one area that often gets overlooked is the delicate skin around the eyes. The skin around our eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of our face, making it prone to wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. To combat these issues, using an eye cream is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the art of applying eye cream effectively. Mastering the technique of applying eye cream can make a significant difference in the appearance and health of your skin. Let’s explore the 9 best tips on how to apply eye cream correctly and maximize its benefits.

1. Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly

The foundation of any skincare routine is a clean canvas. Before even thinking about applying eye cream, it’s essential to start with a thorough cleanse. Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser that matches your skin type. Cleansing removes makeup residues, dirt, and excess oils from your skin, ensuring that the eye cream can be absorbed effectively. When cleansing, use lukewarm water, as hot water can strip your skin of natural oils, making it more susceptible to irritation.

After cleansing, gently pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel. Avoid rubbing your skin, especially around the eyes, as this area is delicate and prone to damage. Ensuring your face is properly cleansed sets the stage for the eye cream to work optimally.

2. Dispense the Right Amount of Eye Cream

How To Apply Eye Cream

Understanding the appropriate amount of eye cream to use is pivotal. More does not necessarily mean better; a pea-sized amount is generally sufficient for both eyes. Eye creams are formulated to be potent, so a small quantity is often all you need. Overloading the delicate skin around your eyes can lead to puffiness and may interfere with the product’s effectiveness.

To dispense the correct amount, lightly tap your ring finger on the eye cream, picking up a small quantity. It might seem minimal, but this amount is specifically designed to deliver the active ingredients precisely where they’re needed. Remember, a little product goes a long way in the world of eye creams.

3. Use Your Ring Finger to Apply the Cream

The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin and sensitive, making it susceptible to damage. When applying eye cream, always use your ring finger, as it exerts the least amount of pressure. Begin at the inner corner of your eye, where the skin is typically more delicate. Using gentle, tapping motions, move along the orbital bone towards the temples.

Avoid pulling or tugging at the skin. The tapping motion not only ensures even distribution of the eye cream but also promotes circulation, reducing puffiness. The ring finger’s light touch is perfect for the fragile eye area, making it less prone to irritation.

4. Apply in Dabbing Motions

The method of application is as crucial as the eye cream itself. Instead of rubbing the eye cream into your skin, use gentle dabbing motions. Imagine your fingertip is a soft raindrop, lightly falling on the delicate petals of a flower. Start from the inner corner of your eye and move outwards, tapping the cream into your skin.

Dabbing motions are essential because they prevent unnecessary pulling and stretching of the skin. By gently pressing the eye cream into your skin, you ensure that the product is absorbed effectively. Take your time during this process; rushing can negate the benefits of the eye cream and might even cause irritation.

5. Focus on Targeted Concerns

Different eye creams cater to specific concerns, whether it’s reducing wrinkles, minimizing puffiness, or lightening dark circles. When applying eye cream, focus on your targeted concerns to maximize its benefits. For example, if you’re combating wrinkles, concentrate on the outer corners of your eyes, where fine lines and crow’s feet tend to appear. If puffiness is your concern, focus on the under-eye area where fluid retention is common. For dark circles, concentrate on the inner corners, where blood vessels are more visible.

Understanding your primary concern allows you to apply the eye cream strategically, ensuring that the active ingredients work effectively on the specific issues you want to address. Precision in application can lead to noticeable improvements in your skin’s appearance.

6. Apply Eye Cream Before Moisturizer

The sequence in which you apply skincare products can significantly impact their effectiveness. Eye cream should be applied before your regular moisturizer or facial oil. The skin around your eyes is different from the rest of your face; it’s thinner, more delicate, and prone to early signs of aging. Applying eye cream first ensures that its active ingredients penetrate the skin effectively.

After applying your eye cream, wait for a few minutes to allow it to be absorbed fully. Then, proceed with your moisturizer. This layering technique not only maximizes the benefits of both products but also creates a barrier that locks in the moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and supple throughout the day.

7. Use Eye Cream Twice Daily

How To Apply Eye Cream

Consistency is key when it comes to skincare. To see noticeable results, it’s essential to use your eye cream consistently. Incorporate it into your morning and nighttime routines. In the morning, applying eye cream helps to reduce puffiness and prepares your eyes for makeup application. At night, the eye cream can work its magic while you sleep, repairing and rejuvenating the delicate skin around your eyes.

When using eye cream in the morning, ensure that it’s completely absorbed before applying makeup. Patience is vital; rushing can cause the product to pill or not work as effectively. By using eye cream twice daily, you provide continuous care to the sensitive eye area, promoting a youthful and radiant complexion.

8. Store Your Eye Cream Properly

The efficacy of your eye cream can be influenced by how you store it. Many eye creams contain active ingredients that can degrade when exposed to air and light. To preserve the potency of your eye cream, store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. A cupboard or drawer in your bathroom, away from the shower, is an ideal storage spot.

Additionally, be mindful of the product’s expiration date. Using expired eye cream can lead to skin irritations and may not provide the desired results. Always check the packaging for the recommended shelf life and use the product within that period. Proper storage and timely usage ensure that your eye cream remains fresh and effective.

9. Be Patient and Consistent

Patience is a virtue, especially in the world of skincare. It’s essential to be patient and consistent with your eye cream application. Visible results take time, and the effectiveness of the eye cream often becomes noticeable after several weeks of regular use. The active ingredients need time to work their magic, repairing and rejuvenating the delicate skin around your eyes.

Avoid the temptation of switching products frequently. Every eye cream is formulated differently, and your skin needs time to adjust to the specific ingredients in the product. Consistency with a single eye cream allows you to monitor its effects accurately. If you switch products too quickly, you may miss out on the long-term benefits that come with continuous use.

Conclusion: Embrace the Journey to Radiant Eyes

In conclusion, mastering the art of applying eye cream is a vital step towards achieving youthful, radiant eyes. By following these 9 best tips with patience and dedication, you can enhance the effectiveness of your eye cream. Remember, skincare is an investment in your overall well-being, and taking the time to apply eye cream correctly will yield remarkable results in the long run. Embrace the process, and your eyes will thank you with a youthful, vibrant sparkle.

Remember, each step in your skincare routine is a gesture of self-care. By nurturing your skin, you’re not just enhancing your appearance; you’re also promoting confidence and overall well-being. Your eyes are the windows to your soul; let them sparkle with the care and attention they deserve. Happy skincare journey!

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Organic Series – How to Apply Eye Cream Forte

This unique organic Eye Cream Forte should be used daily to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin and reduce dark circles under the eyes. 15 active ingredients combined with lamellar technology to instantly moisturise, smoothen and firm the delicate eye area, preventing the formation of wrinkles and puffiness.

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  • Reduces swelling and puffiness.

  • Strongly moisturises and rejuvenates.

  • Minimises fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Brightens dark circles.

  • Firms the skin around eyes.

  • Provides all necessary nutrients.

  • Very gentle and ideal for sensitive skin around eyes.

How to use

Apply the organic eye cream to the clean skin around the eyes. Make circular movements from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Finally, gently use your fingertips to make patting movements.


Active ingredients

  • GlycoHyal LW – retains large amounts of water, moisturises. Anti-aging, regenerating, increases the penetration of active ingredients.

  • Aldavine™ 5x – makes skin flexible, smoothens. Brightens shadows, minimises puffiness.

  • Riboxyl™ – firms, reduces wrinkles and regenerates.

  • Filmexel® – moisturises, nourishes, prevents water loss.

  • Extract from the Strelitzia Bird of Paradise – illuminates, lightens shadows, minimises swelling.

  • Crodamol™ ISIS – reduces transepidermal water loss, moisturises, smoothens.

  • Green Caffeine – tightens, smoothens, supports microcirculation. Reduces wrinkles, inhibits photoaging.

  • Oats – antioxidant, soothing, softening, moisturising, regenerating.

  • Wheat – firms, smoothens, prevents aging. Softens, moisturises, reduces transepidermal water loss.

  • Chestnut – seals, strengthens blood vessel walls. Reduces lymphatic stasis, reduces swelling, brightens shadows.

  • Shea Butter – lubricates, prevents transepidermal water loss. Regenerates, protects against free radicals, rebuilds and stimulates collagen production.

  • Avocado Oil – strengthens, makes skin more flexible. Smoothens, regenerates, prevents transepidermal water loss.

  • Sunflower Oil – regenerates, strengthens, softens. Makes skin more flexible, protects against free radicals, rejuvenates.

  • Vitamin E – fights free radicals, protects against UV radiation. Prevents inflammation, acts as an antioxidant, reduces transepidermal water loss.

  • Cornflower Hydrolate – has an anti-edema effect, prevents inflammation. Softens, tightens, prevents transepidermal water loss.


Aqua, Centaurea Cyanus (Cornflower) Flower Water, Sorbitan Stearate, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Isostearyl Isostearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Persea Gratissima Oil, Sorbityl Laurate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Strelitzia Nicolai Seed Aril Extract, Ribose, Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Seed Extract, Castanea Sativa (Chestnut) Seed Extract, Caffeine, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract, Sorbitol, Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Asparagopsis Armata Extract, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Parfum, Geraniol, Citronellol, Citral, Linalool, Limonene.

Hazards and Cautions

Store in a dry, dark and cool place. Keep out of reach of children

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best natural eye cream? What is the best natural under eye cream? – The best natural eye cream is one with excellent organic ingredients from a brand with outstanding ethical values – the Organic Series Eye Cream Forte is the best organic professional undereye product on the market.

Where to buy natural eye cream? – You can buy natural organic eye cream at

What are tightening ingredients in organic eye creams? What does it mean tightening ingredients in organic eye creams? – Organic eye creams often contain multiple active ingredients which work to tighten the skin under eyes – to make the skin more firm, flexible and plump.

How to apply eye cream? How to use eye cream? Where to apply eye cream? – Apply the organic eye cream to the clean skin around the eyes. Make circular movements from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Finally, gently use your fingertips to make patting movements.

Should teenagers use eye cream? – Teenagers generally don’t need to use specialised eye cream – for young skin it’s enough to use a good moisturiser (preferably with SPF, for example the Organic Series Face Moisturiser with Sunscreen). However, if a teenager is battling severe undereye puffiness and dark circles it might be helpful to incorporate the Organic Eye Cream into the skincare routine.

Does eye cream work? – Good eye cream works wonders to restore undereye brightness and skin firmness. Make sure to choose a professional grade product with scientifically proven results, for example the Organic Series Eye Cream Forte.

Do you put eye cream on before or after moisturizer? – You should put eye cream before moisturiser to allow all the active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Why is organic eye cream better? – Using organic eye creams over regular eye creams is not only much better for the environment, it’s also more beneficial for your skin. With organic eye creams you can be sure that the ingredients are of the highest quality possible and the powerful plant extracts don’t contain any pesticides and harmful residues. With Organic Series eye cream you can be sure that they’ve been designed and developed by top-notch specialists to match the needs of even the most demanding dermatologists and cosmetologists.

On the other hand, nonorganic eye creams often contain synthetic ingredients that don’t benefit your skin health. While they might give you an initial wow feeling of very smooth skin surface – it’s all superficial, it’s most often just a silicone layer on your skin. Meanwhile, professional organic eye creams penetrate the skin layers and actually work to restore your skin health and glow from the inside. Using organic eye cream is taking the best care of your body – inside and out, not just on the surface.