Sensitive skin

What is the characteristic of sensitive skin? What should you pay attention to when caring for it?


Dryness, redness, burning and pinching sensation, feeling of excessive heat, feeling of tightness, thin


Genetic conditions, atopic dermatitis (AD), poor home care, stressors, alcohol, poor diet, excessive solar exposure, frequent sauna and solarium use rapid temperature changes


+ intensive hydration, skin nutrition
+ irritation relief
+ reduction of skin sensitivity
+ reinforcement of the hydrolipidic jacket

Sensitive skin, or maybe vascular?

The problem of sensitive skin affects 1/3 of adults. It affects women (60%) more often than men (40%). In most cases, the problem decreases with age and the skin becomes less sensitive. Its type is strongly influenced by genetics, especially people with phototype I or II, are more exposed to the problem of skin sensitivity than people with darker complexion.


Although capillary skin and sensitive skin are separate concepts, their symptoms are almost identical. Redness, erythema, tension, flaking, itching, and burning are all factors that occur with both skin problems. It is worth noting that the capillary skin can also be described as sensitive, so their care is very similar to each other. Products designed for capillary skin are also suitable for sensitive skin. This is due to the content of active ingredients in care products, which primarily have soothing, moisturizing, reducing erythema, redness, and skin sensitivity properties.

Discover products for sensitive skin

The offer of Organic Series is expanded by many possibilities! We present you with products divided into main categories, according to the stages of daily care – starting with those crucial for a given skin type.


Due to its great similarity to the hemangioma skin, sensitive skin can be treated in a very similar way. Using the forte cream for vascular skin both in the morning and in the evening you will provide your skin with the necessary, highly concentrated active ingredients. By stimulating microcirculation, the cream will neutralize the hypersensitivity of the skin, soothe it, strengthen it, reduce redness and erythema and restore proper moisture level.


When using the serum for vascular skin with a sensitive skin problem, you will reduce redness, soothe, and moisturize the skin. It is a perfect solution for problems with severe erythema and irritation. The serum owes its excellent effect to a rich amount of active ingredients that strengthen and seal blood vessel walls. Like the cream, the serum is responsible for providing the skin with valuable ingredients, but it has a higher concentration of active substances and is richer in various compounds, which allow it to work in many ways. It should be remembered that the serum can never replace a cream, so it is worthwhile to use it in pairs in the evening care. You can enhance the regenerative effect and absorption of the serum by spraying the skin with a Micronized Silver Booster before or after application.

Cranberry algae mask is best used once a week on cleansed and exfoliated face skin. This will improve blood circulation and remove keratinized epidermis. The mask seals blood vessels and reduces erythema. It also contains many valuable ingredients, especially vitamins: A and C and B vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iodine. All of the compounds present in the mask will improve the functioning of the skin, perfectly moisturize it and regulate pH. They also increase skin tension and firmness, smooth fine lines, and protect it against free radicals.


Organic Series cleansing products have been composed to suit every skin type. Just remember to cleanse your skin twice a day – in the evening with makeup removal, and in the morning in a softer form using e.g. facial cleansing gel. Depending on whether you prefer one or two-stage cleansing, choose the right products.



Enzymatic gel, draws its extremely delicate exfoliating properties from a botanical mix of pineapple, hibiscus, and grapefruit. Applied once a week, it brightens and smoothes the skin, unifies the color, but does not irritate the skin and blood vessels. After application, the skin will be perfectly smoothed and thoroughly cleansed.


The use of the tonic is important for all skin types in order to restore the neutral pH of the skin, strengthen and improve the work of the hydrolipid coat. Using the tonic in the morning and in the evening additionally improves the penetration of active substances used in the subsequent stages of care. For sensitive skin we recommend the Tonic with AHA acids, its delicate enzymes obtained from grapefruit and pineapple dissolve dead skin cells, revealing soft and smooth skin without causing irritation.

You want to know more about proper skincare?

See our “ABC of care”, where you will learn key information about the various stages and a diagram of daily care. How to take care of your skin in the morning and how to use the products in the evening and in what order to make them work as effectively as possible.


Supplementary therapies:


For sensitive skin, the forte cream for vascular skin is suitable for daily care, but may not be sufficient in winter. Low temperatures and dry, harsh air may intensify excessive drying of the skin, dehydration, and irritation. In such a situation, it is worth introducing a temporary, additional product to your care, which will help to deal with the problem. A greasing emollient cream, i.e. hydrolipidic cream, helps to strengthen the weakened protective coat of the skin and increase its resistance to adverse external factors. The content of moisturizing, soothing, and soothing ingredients will minimize the feeling of tightness, irritation, or discomfort and slow down the processes of premature aging resulting from dryness.



For year-round care of sensitive skin, use filter creams. This will protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation and reduce the risk of erythema and irritation. Use a moisturizer with a natural filter every day, while in summer and in strong sunlight, use a moisturizer with an SPF-high protection filter.


For a good start!


If you don’t know where to start, choose our ABC set. You will find 3 basic products that will be enough to start with: makeup remover gel (which also works as a gentle cleansing gel), tonic, and a forte cream selected for your skin type. When you feel that your skin is ready for more – try to introduce regular exfoliation to your daily routine and a stage with a regenerating mask.


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